« The sun never sets on Bureau Vallee »

Bruno Peyroles – CEO founder

« I’m developing a country »

Fabienne – Spain Director


« Tomorrow, is elsewhere », favorite maxim of Bruno Peyroles, founder of Bureau Valley…

Already 13 stores in Spain, and also present shops in Malta, Belgium, and the Dom – Tom…

With many planned openings, the International Bureau Valley Pole never stops to investigating on how to establish its brand in the world.

Its rapid expansion is growing, and it is just the beginning!

The keys of this success? A unique concept, created and developed exclusively by Bureau Valley: more brands at floor prices, adapted to the markets of the countries concerned.

Example: In Africa, 50% of the population was under the age of 18 years; a special focus will therefore be provided to writing material… Simple and effective!

The International adventure aimed at conquerors and curious people who wish to adapt to the country of their choice a recognized economic schema of a competitive and exponential expansion.

The development of our International network concernes adventurous who wants to discover a country, its people and its customs. Traveling, listening, prospecting, analyzing, federating, recruiting and building. This is the daily life of a network Director. Be your future actors and join your talent to our. Let build together, beyond our borders, the foundations for a high-performance, eco-responsible and forward-thinking sign.

Bernard Cloquet