« I bring my experience »

Jean-Baptiste – Director of the own shops


« I move quickly »

Justine – Communications Manager


‘I have worked in several positions’

Julien – Concept Beev’Up



Bureau Valley is the 1st actor in specialized distribution in Office automation service, high tech traditional stationery. It is also a group of innovative projects, with the dynamic of start-up.



You have worked for 3 to 10 years in a large distribution brand and you have talent. The problem: in your business, the growth and the agility of a startup spirit is missing, you don’t progress, or at least not fast enough.

Because you want to find more values, you want to join a company committed to sustainable development, and open your career to new perspectives.

Why? The answer is simple: you will be evolving at the same time as our profession, and your responsibilities will extend with the growth of our brand. Come to Bureau Valley, it is a beneficial change to reveal your talent.

Bureau Valley is in very strong growth. And we need you to continue!

If you decide to join us now, you’ll be part of a beautiful human and professional adventure, and you will grow at the same time that we grow.

This adventure is international. « Tomorrow is elsewhere! » If you know the realities of the field and you have the soul of a developer, we will offer real prospects abroad.

Not to mention a fundamental element, whatever the position, each one is important and contributes to a common success.

Once integrated in our team, you will be part of the workings and the mechanics of the evolution of Bureau Valley. Our success goes first through the talents who work alongside us.

Bruno Peyroles

Président de Bureau Vallée


We are a young company. And we took care to check it out: the average age is 34 years! It is also for this reason that every year, we organize moments of meeting with franchisees and employees where work and pleasure are allied.

We highly passed the digital challenge.

Our teams are mobilized to meet the challenge of the 21st century! All projects are listened to and studied.

We have a true understanding of the transition between the digital and the traditional Stationers. But one does not exclude the other! That is why we adapt continuously the content of the offered products, and that we follow carefully the developments in cross-channel sales.

Here are some of our achievements:

  • Our teams have launched « operation back to school » that helps young parents. They do not have the time to go in the stores? We took the party to digitize hundreds of school books, and we created an internet page with pre-filled shopping carts offers, to pick up in-stores. The result? More than 1 million visitors to the web site in September 2015!
  • The digital becomes even a tool to differentiates communication with all franchisees. We launched the first keynote in September: 230 stores are connected! Challenge met with brio: we managed to communicate for 1 hour with the entire network.

This state of mind has always existed in Bureau Valley. As early as 1995, the founder decided to implement an ecological classification of the products in store (DDEP). This was a real feat of strength which is now a reference in our sector.

You want to know our strength? As soon as we succeed in something, we question us about how to go further.



In Bureau Valley, you’ll promote your professional life. We also offer to give a meaning to your evolution: you‘ll be force of proposal, and you’ll be listened to.


But, above all of this you will join a company that wins.

Challenge together!

By joining Bureau Valley, you integrate a group leader in its sector. With us, you will build you a structured and rewarding career.

Your mission, if you accept it: participate in the development of our brand, in France and abroad!

Integration & training

How will I be integrated in Bureau Valley?

If you integrate our teams, it is that we have the belief that you have potential. We allow you to develop your skills and your talent in a framework. According to your profile, we have shaped tailor-made courses.

But the best would be to talk about together: recruitment, it is first and foremost the story of a meeting.

It is for this reason that we put in place of sessions of meeting within our premises. Do not hesitate to come, this will be an opportunity to take stock of your ambition and the opportunities that we offer. You will meet all teams: they are the better placed share their experiences with you!

Mobility abroad

If you have the blood of an entrepreneurial, we give you the tools and the means to develop Bureau Valley abroad. Let’s talk!

Your evolution

Regardless of the profession you will be carrying out with us (procurement, development, store, digital, etc.), you can climb in responsibility. We don’t have a pre-established grid: If you’re good, we will see it, and we’ll take care of your career.