« I joined a startup… »


« I quickly access responsibilities… »



Bureau Valley is the 1st actor in specialized distribution in Office automation service, traditional stationery to the latest high-tech innovations. Bringing together more than 1,500 employees worldwide, Bureau Valley is a TWA (business of intermediate size), which carries innovatives projects, with a start-up dynamic.



We are traders, our core business is the distribution, and we are on a discount model. At first glance, nothing exciting. But we haven’t told you everything!

Our core business consist in buying and selling. Our purchasing department negotiates and concluded the best possible contracts with suppliers selected to guarantee our customers an optimal value.

We distribute these products in Bureau Valley stores. There are already 300 in France and in the world, either on the outskirts or in the city center. Our clients are private individuals and professionals.

We open stores, or integrate already existing to the group, with motivated franchises. These are entrepreneurs who come to us, who believe in our brand and want to invest. We accompany them in their project, and we provide them all the tools to succeed, including full access to our traded products.

The franchise is a powerful economic model, it began in 1994.We just passed the threshold of 250 franchises, and we’ll soon reach the 300 stores!

Today, our growth is very strong, and we have new challenges. First, we must continue to maintain our growth by opening still more stores in France and abroad. Then, it is necessary to put in place a strong digital strategy with multi-channel logic (click and collect web-to-store, e-commerce, etc…). Finally, we wish to bring together young graduates dynamic and enthusiastic, ready to join our adventure. For 25 years, we have laid a solid foundation, and it needs you to grasp the challenges of tomorrow.

Bureau Valley, it is a strong group, with a core of start-up.


You’ve done a BTS, an Institute, an engineering school, a business school, an University?
Today, you feel like a Challenger with strategic and operational necessity. The field doesn’t afraid you.

The Bank, the audit, the board, the marketing don’t attract you; you only know that you want to rise your skills and earn responsibilities quickly.

We can offer real opportunities, in France and abroad. Our group is growing: we will give you the means of your ambition.



By joining Bureau Valley, you integrate a group leader in its sector. With us, you will build a structured and rewarding career.

We offer several projects based on your profile, each more interesting than the other.

  • To structure our growth: we need new people in our stores in France.
  • For the international deployment: we need young people, ready to open our brand in the European Union and in Africa.
  • For digitalisation: we need talents who can accompany us intelligently in this new phase of development.
  • For innovations: Bureau Valley is changing. We have released lots of projects on a start-up mode, and it has just begun. The latest is Beev-Up, a new concept combining digital and events.

Together, we can prepare for tomorrow.



How I’ll be integrated in BV?

If you integrate our teams, it is that we have the belief that you have potential.

We allow you to develop your skills and your talent in a framework.

According to your profile, we have shaped tailor-made courses.

Some features in Bureau Valley:

  • You will be attached to a service manager, who will transmit you his experience.
  • We do not want to forget our core business, and it is essential that you understand it. It is for this reason that you will spend a few weeks in-store, to understand the customer relationship, and our proposal produce.
  • Throughout your career, we offer you the means to evolve towards new responsibilities, in France and abroad. And all of the management team will push you to give the best of yourself!
  • We operate in a start-up logic: any project will be listened, even if you’re junior, and can be implemented.


Our priority today is the international. We have set ambitious objectives in Europe and in Africa.

We give your talent a chance, and we count on you to be tomorrow’s leaders, including internationally. So, if you have the taste of adventure, come to talk!


Regardless of the profession you will be carrying out with us (procurement, development, store, digital, etc.), you can climb in responsibility. We don’t have a pre-established grid: If you’re good, we will see it, and we’ll take care of your career.