« I’m evolving at high speed »

Chloé – Bureau Valley Martinique

« I quickly access responsibilities… »

Teddy – applied Marketing Manager


The international, our priority N ° 1

Bureau Valley is expanding. We open 25 to 30 stores per year, and we already have 18 abroad.

More than a dozen countries have joined our sign!

Many other openings are planned. The adventure has begun, and we need talents to amplify it.

Why does it work so well?

Our concept is unique: we offer major brands at floor prices, adapted to the markets of the countries concerned.

We accumulate the strength of the discount, agility in our deployment, and adaptability to each country. Not to mention our teams and our franchisees, to whom we offer challenges to the measure of their talent.


How are we doing?

The international Bureau Valley pole never ceases to investigate to establish its brand on the African continent and to new countries in Europe.  We carefully study each opportunity.

Our asset: we adapt to the realities on the ground. This is true for the products, but also for models of implementation.

We can decide to open stores in own, partnering with local partners, and/or to entrust the project to a franchisee.

If you have the soul of a contractor, we will accompany you throughout your journey with a sponsorship tailored to the country you choose.

We operate as a start-up: adaptability, speed, curiosity and enthusiasm, here are the ingredients of our success.

International: why is it so important?

We have already done our evidence in France, and we wish challenger us in other markets.